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The European Patent Office published the list of finalists for European Inventor Award 2017. In five categories (Industry, Research, Non-EPO Countries, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Lifetime Achievement) altogether 15 candidates (3 candidates/category) reached the finals.
Results of the competition were announced on 15-June-2017 at Arsenale di Venezia-Venice, Italy.  

Among the finalists listed below, winners are highlighted in colour.
Note: when opening patent links Readers are offered the choice of English, French, or German languages.


Lars Liljeryd [SwedenCoding Technologies Sweden AB, Dolby Laboratories]:  
Digital audio compression   
Patent  EP0940015

Giuseppe Remuzzi, Ariela Benigni, Carlamaria Zoja [Merck Sharp Dohme (Italia), Sanofi-Aventis, Cyclacel Limited]:
Treatments for chronic kidney disease    

Jan van den Boogaart, Oliver Hayden [Netherlands, Austria]:
Rapid blood test for malaria  
Patent  EP2635695 


Hans Clevers [Hubrecht Institute and Utrecht University]:
Lab-grown human organs (organoids)                  
Patents  EP0972037, EP2795322, EP2393917

Laurent Lestarquit, José Ángel Ávila Rodríguez, Günter W. Hein, Jean-Luc Issler, Lionel Ries [France, Spain, Germany, Belgium]:
Radio signals for better satellite navigation    
Patents  EP1570287, EP1836778

Sylviane Muller [ImmuPharma/National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)]:
Treating lupus by targeting T-cells    
Patents  EP1425295, EP0491014, EP1631586, EP1507794


James G. Fujimoto, Eric A. Swanson, Robert Huber [USA, Germany]:
High resolution medical imaging (OCT)    
Patents  EP0883793, EP0981733, EP1839375

Waleed Hassanein [TransMedics]:
Sustaining transplant organs    
Patent   EP1768490


Adnane Remmal [Morocco]:
Boosting antibiotics with essential oils    
Patent  EP1879655


Gert-Jan Gruter [Furanix Technologies BV]:
Plant-based plastic bottles    

Günter Hufschmid [Germany]:
Super-sponge for oil spills    
Patent  EP2392630

Steve Lindsey [Lontra (UK)]:
Energy-saving rotary air compressor    
Patent   EP0933500


Elmar Mock [Creaholic, ETA, The Swatch Group]:
Swatch, ultrasound welding and more    
Patents     EP0101663, EP0098239  .....

Rino Rappuoli [Italy]:
Novel vaccines by gene analysis  
Patents  EP0322533, EP0232229, EP1223975 .....

Axel Ullrich [Genentech Inc., Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft]:
Stopping cancer at the root

Source: EPO



Since the inception of this award system in 1987, year on year outstanding new scientific results worldwide have been evaluated and rewarded in 16 categories for showing their way in everyday practice. The idea of a regular awarding system was inspired by life achievement of Thomas Alva Edison (11 February 1847 - 18 October 1931) who envisioned the future of industrial research laboratories giving rise to inventions with further research and development, finally concluding in commercialization.

Examples of inventions awarded in year 2017 are as follow.

     Food & Beverage   

inventor: Natural Evolution
-family business-

The elaboration of NutroLockTM technology for preserving nutrient content of fruits and vegetables that are less esthetic in appearance or are in oversupply.
Results achieved: compared to conventional manufacturing technics, use of the technology led to 20-50 times higher nutrient retain.

More specifically: first in the world production of green bananas ("Lady Finger bananas") flour, starch, cosmetics.
Examples of use:
*bakery opportunities for people with gluten sensitivity.
*regenerating ointment.
Diagnostic Tools

inventor: 3M
-global scientific company

3MTM Molecular Detection System: a diagnostic system for 3M nanotechnology based isothermal DNA amplification and bioluminescent detection.
Surpassing competitors main features of the system are the user-friendly size, the handling at ease, the fast and reliable tests leading to efficient diagnostics (96 samples/run).
In practical use: nucleic acid based detection of Salmonella, Listeria, E.coli, Cronobacter in diverse samples.
Examples of use:
*detection of pathogens, food safety.
*microbiological tests.    
(>> Products for Business >> Health Care >> Food Safety and Microbiology)
  Testing & Treatment Options

inventor: Xeltis  AG
-clinical-stage medical device company-
Switzerland, The Netherlands

It is about the induction of Endogenous Tissue Restoration (ETR) at surgical reconstruction of heart valve functions in patients with inborn or acquired heart valve disorders.    
First in the world RestoreX technology covers the implantation of bioabsorbable 'supramolecular polymer' device for replacement of valvular functions. The in situ regeneration of host tissues induced around the implanted polymer device provides it with interweaving and intruding tissues taking on valvular shape meanwhile the implanted polymer itself slowly absorbs. Finally, the newly regenerated valve continues functioning.

RestoreX technology makes them unnecessary: delivery of in vitro tissue cultures, stem cell therapy, targeting by bioagents, application of tissues of animal origin.
RestoreX technology expectedly makes it unnecessary the regular replacement of biovalve implants ending their lifecycles. Further, expectedly it surpasses mechanical valve implants with supporting longterm medication included.
First clinical appearance:
in 2016, polymer valve implantation at right ventricle - arteria pulmonalis outflow.
Patient Care

inventor: Holland Healthcare Inc.
-digital light source for medical use-
Australia, USA, Europe

Throat ScopeR is a device to illuminate oral cavity and the throat. As a combined construct, it helps one handed control in practical use. The device has a handle hosting a light source and an attachable-detachable tongue depressor. 
Intended use is in medical, dental practices and also at home.
When attached to the handle, the tongue depressor ensures transmission and distribution of light of the handle to illuminate oral cavity and the throat.
The tongue depressor is of recyclable material.
Capacity of the light source takes 20 hours when in undisrupted use.

Contact: btm(at)bioteomed(dot)org

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